AL JAZEERA ENGLISH: UK dream ending for undocumented migrants


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Cameron’s claim on Spitfire trove ignites a battle in Burma


A very British row has broken out in Burma over plans to recover 20 buried Second World War Spitfires.

David Cundall, a farmer from Lincolnshire, says he was pressured into giving up his claim on the 67-year-old fighters by a millionaire property developer who was part of David Cameron’s business delegation to Burma two weeks ago.

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Carbon Cowboys in the Peruvian Amazon

Amazonian tribes are facing new challenges as carbon credit dealers move into their forests, write Patrick Bodenham and Ben Cubby.

Peru’s jungle city of Iquitos – first established on the myth of a land of lost gold and once a mecca for 19th century rubber barons – has long been frequented by profiteers.

The Spanish built the city as an outpost to look for El Dorado, a fabled land of gold. At the turn of the last century, the development of the car tyre sent thousands of businessmen on ornate steamships up the Amazon to Iquitos to extract rubber.

A new kind of businessman has now arrived in the jungle. The Australian property developer David Nilsson is not seeking rubber or gold, but the carbon dioxide locked up in millions of hectares of lush Amazon rainforest east of Iquitos.

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